Risk Assessment

One of the main recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer's Expert Working Group Report, in April 2007, was that all hospital patients should receive a VTE risk assessment upon admission to hospital.

The Chief Medical Officer's VTE Implementation Working Group worked with NICE so that the assessment is compliant with their latest guidance. It is available for hospitals to download and use with immediate effect.

The risk assessment was first published in September 2008, and revised in March 2010.

In the future we hope to offer examples of RAMs developed by local, regional and national thromboprophylaxis groups:

The King's Thrombosis Centre, a National VTE Exemplar Centre, has produced a RAM for obstetric admissions and a modified version of the Department of Health RAM (updated April 2010):


The All Wales Thrombosis Group in conjunction with the 1000 Lives Campaign have produced 5 RAMs for specific hospital patient groups (updated 6th August 2010)

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